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Inflatable Kayak, Inflatable Paddle Boards and Inflatable Boat For Sale




WE ARE NOW OPEN AT TOPEEKEEGEE YUGNEE PARK! COME AND PLAY! Please call to reserve your spot at (844) 272-3353. We will be giving stand up paddleboard lessons and teaching paddle fitness classes Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 9AM. Come and paddle with us at our newest location. Keep up with us and see more photos at

We are active boaters and hi-rise condo residents in South Florida. The problem we have always faced is how to store our toys. Years ago we found inflatable kayaks and they fit perfectly into our lifestyle. They are compact, easy to inflate, and easy to transport via car, plane or boat (We can put two kayaks in the back seat of our car).

Over the years the technology has improved dramatically and, when paddle boarding started becoming popular, it was not long before inflatable paddleboards became a reality. These boards and kayaks have no hard edges that can be broken or do damage to your car or boat.  They can be stored in a closet in your condo, any locker on a boat that you can fit a piece of luggage, or fully inflated like a traditional board or kayak.  The best part is you get a softer feel and ease of storage without sacrificing performance.

WE LOVE PADDLE BOARDING and KAYAKING.  Exercise combined with fun...what a concept!